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Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft & Challenger 605 aircraft: Evolved Maintenance Intervals Planning Document Logbook Entries

November 2015

Earlier this year, Bombardier released a revision to the maintenance planning document (MPD) for Bombardier* Challenger 604* aircraft and Challenger 605* aircraft. This revision introduced the Evolved Maintenance Intervals that can be found on Bombardier’s website or CD in MPD Sections 1 through 3.  Among other changes, this new program lengthens the intervals of several inspection tasks.

If your aircraft is still following the pre-evolution program, those inspection requirements have moved and can now be found in Section 7 of the MPD, Alternate Maintenance Planning Section.

Logbook MPD Entry

When recording the MPD entry in the airframe logbook, make sure it is clear which maintenance program is the appropriate program. Vague entries such as, “The aircraft will follow the manufacturer’s current maintenance program,” while not wrong, lack any real details and can over time potentially lead to having your aircraft inspected against the wrong program.

For example, what is the origination date of this statement above? Was it established before the new Bombardier MPD revision? If so, then the requirements for the “current” maintenance program in the above statement is now under Section 7—Alternate Maintenance Planning Section.

However, without a date reference, a maintenance service provider could easily interpret this statement as meaning the new Evolution Program, since it is actually the “current” program.

Due to this revision, I recommend all operators review both programs, make a selection and notify their tracking services and their chosen service providers which program they have selected.

This will ensure accurate work cards, sales quotes, planning and accurate downtimes estimates.

Below is an example of a detailed and complete MPD logbook entry

Effective “this date xxx”, in compliance with CFR Title 14 FAR 91.409 (f) (3), this aircraft shall be maintained in accordance with “OEM XXX Model XX Publication “number” and “program name” Inspection Program current revisions as revised.

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.