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Bombardier Global: Service Bulletins Issued To Address And Prevention Corrosion In Mid And Outboard Flaps

February 2021

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In December 2020, Bombardier issued two Service Bulletins calling for drainage improvements and corrosion protection to the Mid and Outboard flaps on the Bombardier Global.  These new Service Bulletins are similar to the Service Bulletin released in 2018 for the inboard flaps.

These SBs apply to: * 

  • Bombardier Global Express/XRS
  • Global 5000/Vision Flight Deck
  • Global 6000
  • Global 5500
  • Global 6500

*Consult the SBs for specific applicable serial numbers.

20190729_083000.jpgThere have been reports of water getting trapped and pooling inside the mid and outer flaps between ribs. These SBs provide for a thorough corrosion inspection of the area and improvement to the water drainage. If no corrosion is found, a corrosion inhibitor compound will be applied.  

We recommend you allow adequate time to perform these SBs, in the event that corrosion is found. Access will need to be gained to the flap internal structure to remove corrosion and modify for prevention.

Bombardier recommends Service Bulletin for the inboard flaps be performed at the same time, if not accomplished already.   


These Service Bulletins must be performed by an Authorized Service Facility, like Duncan Aviation, with specialized tooling required.  

All of our full-service MRO facilities in Battle Creek, MI; Lincoln, NE; and Provo, UT, are prepared with the necessary tooling to comply with these SB. Please contact your Duncan Aviation Global Airframe Service Representative.