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Cessna: Mandatory Service Bulletin: Don’t Forget The Pulley!

October 2014

Many Cessna operators have already complied with Cessna’s mandatory Service Bulletin SB560XL-27-34. As a reminder, this SB called for the inspection or replacement of the aft elevator trim cables with an improved design cable.

There is a second step to this SB that is optional, but just as important. Mentioned only as a note in the IPC, Cessna has a new larger diameter pulley available for the aft location where the cables make the 90 degree turn out to the trim actuators.

This larger pulley will relieve the bend radius of the cable which, when combined with the new cable, can improve the longevity of the cable.

Because this pulley is larger in diameter, the mounting brackets will need to be replaced.

Although this adds some labor and parts to the job, in the end we feel that installing the larger pulleys with the new cable ensures that the system is improved to the best possible design.

If you have any questions about this Service Bulletin, contact your Duncan Aviation Citation Tech Reps.