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Challenger 604: 192-Month Landing Gear Inspection

October 2011

Falcon antenna corrosion

There is some confusion concerning the Chapter 5 requirements for the Landing Gear on the Challenger 604 Aircraft. Some earlier S/N 604s are coming due for the 192 Restoration but may be confused with the 96-month repetitive cycle in the Restoration requirement versus the 96-month Detailed Inspection requirements. This could lead to inaccurate downtime and budgetary figures when scheduling these tasks.

Starting with a new Challenger 604, the landing gear comes due for a 96-monthDetailed Inspection at the first 96-month mark. The detailed inspections are required by Chapter 5 task number 32−00−01−215,  AMTOSS 32−11−00−220−801 for the MLG and Chapter 5 task number 32−00−01−216, AMTOSS 32−21−01−220−802 for the NLG. This inspection is mostly a visual and corrosion inspection that requires only minimal disassembly of the gear.

When the Aircraft hits 192 months the gear comes due for a Restoration. The Restoration is required by Chapter 5 task number 32−00−01−217, AMTOSS 32−11−00−280−801 for the MLG and Chapter 5 task number 32−00−01−218, AMTOSS 32−21−01−280−801 for the NLG. The Restoration is much more in-depth than the 96-month Detailed Inspection and is more comparable to an Overhaul. The Restoration of the gear is then repeated every 96 months after 192 months.

A simpler explanation is that the landing gear is due a Detailed Inspection at the first 96-month mark and is due a Restoration every 96 months after that.

Consult the Maintenance Planning Document as these tasks change from time to time as revisions are released.