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Citation 500, 550 and 560 Series: Securaplane TPPL Technology

July 2012

Many DOMs and operators have recommended the Securaplane aircraft battery. Through a Securaplane Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), Citation 500, 550 and 560 operators are able to enjoy the benefits of the thin plate, pure lead (TPPL) technology that improves discharge and recharge capacity. In addition, TPPL will reuse the Ni-Cad thermocouple (if installed) to prevent cockpit and wiring modifications, although the battery will never suffer from thermal runaway.

Through 2012, Securaplane is offering their STC at no charge on all new battery purchases.

In my opinion, the Securaplane battery is the only true no-maintenance battery. New Ni-Cad batteries are very expensive and last five years with recurring deep cycle inspections and cap check costs. Standard SLA batteries are cheap but last only about one year and are very high maintenance. This Aircraft Battery Comparison chart shows the savings over a 10-year period.

For more information about Securaplane’s long-term benefits and STC, please contact me anytime.