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Citation 560XL/XLS: Keeping Avionics Online During Engine Startup

January 2012

The normal engine startup sequence for Citation 560XL aircraft removes power from the avionics system, causing it to drop offline. The reason for this is the avionics are isolated from the start system. SB560XL-24-14R2 allows the avionics to stay online by using the APU generator during engine start.

This service bulletin (SB) is a really great modification for the airplane, but there are still aircraft that have not been modified and time is running out. Cessna warranty covers all affected aircraft until February 2012. If the SB has not been accomplished yet, it is not too late.

The modification requires removal of the aft J-box and access to the aft baggage floor and cockpit PCB box. The best option for this to be done is at a major inspection, since it won’t add downtime and the inspection improves access to these areas. If the SB is done alone, it will take about one week.

If there is not a major inspection to be done prior to February, that is not an issue. We have been able to get this done and get it covered by warranty, including the hours of access.

Affected serial numbers include:

  • 560XL: 5002-5372 (if APU is installed)
  • 560XLS: 5501-5799 (all)

If your aircraft is affected and you haven’t yet complied with this SB, I strongly recommend you get it done before the warranty expires.