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Citation: When Was the Last Time Your Citation Had A Bath?

January 2022

That may seem like a funny question, but if you have flown your Citation in any coastal areas around the world, especially areas that use potassium formate or similar chemical runway de-icing fluids, or areas of high atmospheric contamination, then it may be well overdue.

Section 8 of Citation Service Information Letter (CIL)-99-03 contains maps from around the world showing areas where the potential for corrosion on an aircraft are the highest. Cessna recommends that any aircraft flown in the most severe areas be washed every 14 days and in certain conditions, after every exposure to these contaminants.

Giving your aircraft a bath removes corrosive agents from the surface of the aircraft and goes a long way in the prevention of corrosion.

CIL-99-03: Corrosion Prevention and Control Program

Aircraft are prone to corrosion. It’s inevitable. Aircraft are made of metal and metal corrodes.

Once corrosion forms on an aircraft, it can spread quickly and undetected, causing severe damage before being discovered. Advanced corrosion will eventually result in severe pitting and eventual destruction of the metal.

If left untreated, corrosion can make an aircraft unairworthy in just a few years.

With this in mind, CIL-99-03 also expresses the importance of implementing a Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPCP), encouraging all Citation owners to develop a CPCP to assist in the prevention and control of corrosion.

There are Chapter 5 requirements for controlling corrosion that have to be performed. The CPCP is an optional program over and above these minimum requirements that allows you to customize a program to meet your needs. A CPCP is the best defense against corrosion. 

Need another reason to consider a CPCP? How about warranty and ProParts? Citation warranty and ProParts does NOT cover damage due to corrosion. So unless you are diligent in keeping corrosion on your aircraft under control now, unchecked corrosion will cost dearly to repair in the future.

If you have any further questions about CPCP or need help in creating a program of your own, give me a call.