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Citation: Where Are You Getting Your Replacement Parts for Your 16G Seats?

December 2020

When it comes to any aircraft seat repairs, from replacing a seat pan to a worn-out bolt, knowing your sea'ts certification is critical. If your aircraft’s seats are certified as 16G, the repairs available to you can be very limited.

16G seats are limited to direct parts replacements only, but equally as important is from where these replacement parts come.

Where applicable for all models, Citation has included in the maintenance manuals a statement clarifying this often, overlooked detail. In a nutshell, the replacement parts for Citation aircraft must come directly from Cessna. And because the seat manufacturer did not specify a separation between critical and non-critical parts all parts attached to the seat are susceptible to this rule. 

If you get replacement parts from anywhere other than Cessna, you are at risk of being in violation due to unapproved parts being installed on the seat.

Before ordering the replacement parts, it would be wise to find out if your aircraft’s seats are 16G rated and, if so, who holds PMA authority for that particular model seat. 

Duncan Aviation Tech Reps are able to help if this is in question for your aircraft.