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Citation X: The Performance Improvements of a Winglet

October 2016

The Citation X is the world’s fastest business aircraft. It is a very popular model and is flown around the world. When a Citation X owner needs an additional 200 or 300 miles of range to reach more non-stop destinations, a winglet upgrade is the most practical option.  

Business aircraft owners who routinely require a fuel stop or are limited by hot day / high elevation departure limitations will benefit greatly from the installation of winglets.

Elliptical winglets from Winglet Technology, LLC increase a Citation X’s range, performance and efficiency… at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new or larger aircraft.

Elliptical Winglet Upgrade

The elliptical winglet improves handling qualities and stability, increases range / payload capabilities, and improves hot day / high altitude performance of the Citation X for a comparatively small investment.

The elliptical winglet's shape ensures the lift distribution of the wing closely matches the optimum lift distribution along the span of the wing, which significantly reduces the induced drag of the aircraft. The resulting drag reduction enhances the overall operational performance for the Citation X and provides significant performance benefits. This improves fuel burn, reduces emissions and enables operators to fly longer missions without upgrading to a longer-range aircraft.

Duncan Aviation has been authorized by Winglet Technology, LLC to begin installing the elliptical winglet STC on Citation X aircraft. The STC has been approved for installation on FAA, EASA, TCCA, and DGAC registered aircraft.

Despite the performance gains, an extended downtime for a winglet modification can be a challenge. Scheduling the modification with Service Bulletins, inspections, interior modifications, paint refurbishments and avionics installations uses downtime more wisely, often without extending the service schedule. To take advantage of the downtime and / or wing inspection access, the Citation X winglet modification is recommended to be scheduled with the Cessna Document 3, 4, or 11.

For more information, contact your Citation Airframe Service Sales Reps.

Winglet Performance Improvements

Increased speed at higher altitudes

  • Up to 12kts at ISA temperatures
  • Up to 20kts at ISA +10 temperatures

Improved hot day / high altitude take-off performance

  • Up to 4° C or 1,200 lbs for flaps 5 departures
  • Up to 5° C or 1,270 lbs for flaps 15 departures

Increased range capability

  • Up to 220 NM for 4 passengers, NBAA IFR reserves, ISA temperature
  • Up to 315 NM for pre-172 S/N’s with winglets and 400 lb GW increase
  • Up to 550 NM for 4 passengers, NBAA IFR reserves, WAT limited take-off

Higher initial flight levels

  • Direct to FL 430 @ MTOW and ISA +10
  • Direct to FL 450 @ MTOW and ISA
  • Direct to FL 470 @ 34,000 lbs and ISA

Reduced time-to-climb

  • FL430 reduced from 137 to 37 minutes @ MTOW and ISA +10
  • FL450 reduced from 84 to 27 minutes @ MTOW and ISA
  • FL470 reduced from 138 to 31 minutes @ 34,000 lbs and ISA

Improved climb gradient

  • 1/2% 1st & 2nd segment climb gradient improvement


Reduced fuel consumption

  • Up to 8% for high speed cruise flight profiles

Reduced direct operating costs

  • Increased range reduces en-route technical stops
  • Up to 2,100 lb fuel savings per technical stop avoided

Enhanced aircraft resale value

  • 100% Blue Book value of installed winglet STC