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Dassault Falcon Jet Winglets Identification

July 2019

Because of increased performance, economy, and just plain good looks, an ever-increasing population of Falcon jets are flying with winglets. As most of us know, there are two paths of installation for winglets on a Falcon jet.

Just by walking up to an aircraft, it is difficult to tell whether the winglet installation was performed by way of an Aviation Partners Inc. STC or a Dassault Falcon jet modification to type design.

Winglet install path identification

The easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the modification of the outboard slat cuff.

API Rivets2

If the cuff is installed with rivets, it is an API installation.


DFJ Modscrews

This same cuff if installed with screws means the winglet install path is a Dassault modification. 


 Knowing the difference is important as it determines which maintenance and parts manuals are to be used for continuing service.