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Don’t Send In Your Radar Flat Plates

September 2021

Springtime is gone, and summer is nearly behind us. And so are the thunderstorms that are prevalent during those seasons. Now that radar season is over, the timing is right to send it in for a function test.

Don’t wait. Spring is not a good time to discover your radar isn’t functioning correctly. Before you need it most, send it in today.

Remove Flat Plate Before Shipping

When sending in your radar unit for function tests or repairs, we highly recommend that you remove the flat plate prior to shipping. It's a bulky unit, which makes it difficult to properly package. Because of this, the plate is often damaged during shipping.


It has been our experience when the flat plate is included, it arrives damaged. And unfortunately, once it is damaged, it needs to be replaced at a cost ranging between $2,500-6,000.

Just remove it. It isn’t necessary for inspection.