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Duncan Aviation Completions Focus on the Details

September 2017

Earlier this year, a long-time customer from Jakarta, Indonesia, arrived with his company’s Challenger 604. The Senior Financial Advisor for Air Pacific, Muliawan Sutanto, represented his principle, who was ready for a new interior.

“We fly to Duncan Aviation for work on our aircraft because we trust the company, we’re pleased with the work that’s been done in the past, and the price is right. That’s why we continue to fly all the way to the United States for service, interior refurbishment, and paint on our fleet.”

Besides being thrilled with the new interior, Muliawan was impressed with the details involved in the Duncan Aviation completion. A big difference-maker that  may go unnoticed to the casual observer is a custom-designed strainer, a critical addition for Muliawan and the flight crew.

“We eat a lot of dishes with rice,” says Muliawan, “and it’s nearly impossible to clear the tiny grains from every bowl. Our attendant was careful, but the drain frequently clogged, rendering the sink unusable.”

It’s not only inconvenient to have a clogged drain and sink you can’t use during your flight, but it’s also expensive to put down your aircraft to unclog the drain.

"Aircraft sinks have small strainers that cover only the drain, and they get blocked quickly, especially by small food particles like grains of rice,” says Duncan Aviation Cabinet Shop Team Leader Matt Beaudette.

Matt dismissed the strainers that fit over the top of the sink because that wouldn’t have helped as the flight attendant cleared off plates. Instead, he shared some ideas with Duncan Aviation’s Fabrication Shop Team Leader Bryan Hart, who then built a custom strainer.

“We’re thrilled with the strainer, and it’ll more than pay for itself by preventing even one clogged drain,” says Muliawan. “It fits inside the sink, traps the food particles while still letting the sink drain, and lifts out easily for cleaning.”