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Duncan Aviation Offers Falcon Tow Gear

August 2020


Duncan Aviation has Falcon tow gear available to keep an aircraft mobile when its landing gear has been removed for repair or overhaul. The tow gear attaches at the original landing gear mounts and is interchangeable between the Falcon 50, 900, and 2000 Series aircraft only.

Tow gear becomes necessary when an inspection maintenance schedule gets tight, but the aircraft still needs to be mobile for the scheduled paint time slot.

The normal turntime for a landing gear overhaul is five to six weeks. If engineering concessions or parts plating issues arise, the turntime will be extended a week or more. When this happens, we use the tow gear to keep the aircraft mobile in order to make the paint schedule. The original landing gear is installed following the complete paint of the aircraft.

Falcon tow gear is available at our Battle Creek, Michigan, and Lincoln, Nebraska, full-service facilities.