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Duncan Aviation Organises 6th Edition of its European Customer Advisory Board Meeting

October 2016

On the 13th and the 14th of October 2016, Duncan Aviation will hold its 6th European Customer Advisory Board (ECAB) meeting in Barcelona, Spain. Members of the Duncan Aviation ECAB travel from Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Malta, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, and other parts of Spain to participate in the meeting.

The board was created due to Duncan Aviation’s commitment to its customers and to improve service. It represents various business jet stakeholders who provide a broad perspective of the industry. Board members play a big role in exchange of information about important industry and service issues. This dialogue is extremely important to Duncan Aviation as it depends heavily on this board’s input when making critical decisions related to the business.

Over the last few years we learned that European Operators like to see more harmonisation between the competent authorities of individual countries. Last year we invited Patrick Ky, Executive Director of EASA, and had the opportunity to talk about several EASA rule making topics. Patrick Ky shared with the group his view on developments in future rulemaking. In follow up on ECAB 2015 we compiled a document with Top 10 EASA topics. After the event, Duncan Aviation stayed in close contact with both EASA and GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association) to talk about these Top 10 issues. During the upcoming ECAB 2016, we will have the opportunity to talk with Eugenia Diaz Alcazar, Regulations Officer–Continuing Airworthiness of EASA.

Besides harmonization on EASA rulemaking, we have other interesting topics on our agenda. These include our Duncan Aviation Alliance Group program, 2020 Mandates Solutions, Creating Competitive Advantage and discussing the potential benefits of creating a European Maintenance Managers Conference (EMMC).

Arjen Groeneveld, European Regional Manager of Duncan Aviation and facilitator of the ECAB meeting, says:  “Duncan Aviation ECAB is an open community where maintenance managers are coming together from different directions out of Europe. People learn from each other’s perspectives, share the challenges they see in their day-to-day operations and develop new friendships. It is really nice to see over the years that ECAB is a great moment to come together and develop added value to the business aviation industry.

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