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Embraer Service Bulletin on Control Cable Turnbuckles

May 2012

Due to the report of missing locking clips, Embraer has just released two Service Bulletins that require the inspection of the turnbuckles installed on the control cables throughout certain S/N Embraer Phenom 100/300 model aircraft. All the turnbuckles along the control cables need to have a visual inspection to verify the locking clips are installed and install any that are missing.

Service Bulletin Model 

505-00-0005      Phenom 300
500-00-0008      Phenom 100

The control cables run throughout the fuselage of the aircraft and require the removal of several access panels to get to the necessary work areas. Visually inspect to see if there are locking clips missing in the aileron, elevator, rudder, emergency/parking brake and autopilot-servo cables. If missing, install as required and do the adjustment/functional test to the relative system.

Although not required, Embraer recommends this SB be accomplished during the next suitable maintenance action to reduce the degradation of systems linked to the control cables. Embraer will cover the labor costs for this SB for 12 months after the SB issue date.

For more detailed information about this Service Bulletin, contact your Duncan Aviation Embraer Technical Representatives.