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Enstrom Helicopter Service Direct Bulletin NO. 0199

March 2015

In February, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation issued Service Directive Bulletin (SDB) NO. 0199 to address potential spindle separation due to fatigue. This SDB requires a magnetic particle inspection on the main rotor spindle of the Enstrom F-28A, F-28C, F-28F, 280, 280C, 280F and 280FX model helicopter.

This affects all the serial numbers of the main rotor spindle, P/N 28-14282-11 and P/N 28-14282-13.

For compliance, spindles with 5,000 hours or more time-in-service need to be inspected within the next five hours time-in-service and repeated every 300 hours thereafter. Spindles with less than 5,000 hours time-in-service need to have this inspection performed at or before reaching this threshold.

Once Duncan Aviation receives the spindle, they are able to turn the unit the same day. With enough advanced notice, Enstrom operators can expect to receive their spindle back the next day.

For more information about this Service Directive Bulletin and Duncan Aviation NDT services, contact customer account rep, Kenny Leymaster, at 402.479.1584.