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Falcon 2000EX: Maintaining the Structural Integrity of the Thrust Reverser

November 2013
Honeywell BA-141 altitude indicators

Examples of corrosion found on the thrust reverser nozzle area.

Honeywell BA-141 altitude indicators

Dassault issued Service Bulletin (SB) F2000EX-197 for all F2000EX operators due to reports of the interior surface of the thrust reverser (TR) assembly showing signs of premature corrosion. Compliance with this SB removes the corrosion and applies a protective coating on the TR nozzle and door surfaces.

SB F2000EX-197

Dassault recommends you schedule compliance with this SB to coincide with your next “A” inspection. And depending on whether your aircraft is under warranty or not, there are two paths to compliance.

If your aircraft is still under warranty and any corrosion is found on the TR nozzle, upper door or lower door during the visual inspection, they must be replaced and the corroded parts returned to Dassault Falcon Jet. If your aircraft is not under warranty, then the corrosion must be repaired according to the proper procedures. Dassault does have a Commercial Program for the repair and warranty of the corroded T/R nozzles and doors until September 30, 2014.

This is not a mandatory SB, but it is highly recommended that all Falcon 2000EX operators take the SB seriously. The moisture from heat condensation and acid from the exhaust makes for a highly corrosion environment.