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Falcon 50 Nose Landing Gear Box Beam Fasteners

January 2016

With the implementation of Falcon 50 Service Bulletin (SB) 378, R2 back in May of 2004, there has been a major reduction in the findings of corrosion in the nose landing gear box beam area. This SB required you to remove and replace the water absorbing Klegecell drain sloping material on the pressurized side of the gear trunnion box beam and enlarge the drain hole.

Even after the SB compliance, we still recommend a torque check of the screws in this area, preferably at the next C inspection. This is to identify possible corrosion growth that was not caught during the SB compliance or the continued egress of moisture into this area.

A quick torque check of these fasteners can be done in 10 minutes from the outside of the aircraft and is a good indicator of the integrity of this high-stressed area.