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Falcon 900/2000 Series Detailed Inspection of the Cockpit Windshield/Window Frames

May 2013

Dassault has decreased the inspection interval for task 53-10-39-220-802 — Detailed Inspection of the Cockpit Windshield/Window Frames, from every 3C inspection with every 1C inspection following, to the new interval of every 2C inspection. This interval decrease is based on a review of the reported Corrosion Protection & Control Program (CPCP) Level 1 & 2 corrosion issues on the entire Falcon fleet.

During the Structural Task Force meeting, which all aircraft manufacturers have with the Airworthiness Authorities and Structural Working Group members from time to time, several F900 series aircraft had reported Level 2 type corrosion in the windshield/window frames during the 3C (18-year) inspection. According to the logic of CPCP, if the corrosion is this severe, then the inspection interval must be reduced to find and treat the corrosion before it exceeds Level 1 criteria. The decision was made to reduce the inspection interval to the 2C (12-year) interval.

This inspection interval change was incorporated in the Falcon 900 series Maintenance Planning Document (MDP) in the fall of 2012. The same change was incorporated in the Falcon 2000 series MPD in April 2013. Operators who are planning their 2C inspection should be aware of this interval change and the increased cost to accomplish this inspection.