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Falcon 900 Series: 12-Month Inspection Program

November 2017

There is a very important change in the MPD Rev. 023 update 002, for the Falcon 900 Series aircraft you should pay attention to.   

The Inspection/Check of the LP (low pressure) water separator, task card 21-52-19-200-801 (1A item) performed every eight months has now been pulled back to every six months, putting it out of phase with the new 12-month inspection cycle. 

This task card has you remove, disassemble, and inspect the LP water separator. There is a high probability you will have to change a dirty coalescer sleeve (also known as the sock).

If you plan to do this yourself, I highly recommended you have some parts on hand or have some pre-planning done with your service provider.

Falcon 900 LP Water Separator