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Falcon Aircraft: Keeping up with Brightened Surfaces

July 2021


This past year has been trying not only for the aviation community but for aircraft as well.

Due to diminished flying hours and parked aircraft, Duncan Aviation technicians have been finding both leading edges and engine inlets with not only dulled finishes but with varying degrees of corrosion pitting due to cladding protection fading with time or periodic polishing.

Catching it early is the key here. A detailed inspection with a 10x magnifying glass helps to determine if corrosion is setting in and a maintenance task item is warranted.

Task cards 20-31-00-350-801 Brightening/Polishing and 20-60-00-370-830 Polymer treatment for external surfaces are available in the Dassault Falcon AMM to guide you through this process.

Example of corrosion pitting.