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Falcon APU Oil Level Indication: Test for EASy Cockpit Aircraft

September 2009

This information is meant to help Falcon operators who are new to the EASy cockpit or for those who may have forgotten how the APU Oil Level Test sequence operates. This information does not appear in the AMM, however, we found it located in FSA2000EXEASy-00-00-27-R1 “Pilot Assist List,” listed in ATA 49.


When performing an APU Oil test, misleading information is displayed, on the TEST synoptic page as noted in the above FSA. The test is triggered through the FQMC so the appropriate Avionic Master is required to power the FQMC. It is normal for the amber TEST FAIL light to illuminate for a brief period of time during the beginning of the test sequence; however, the test is NOT complete at this point. The soft key must remain depressed until the IN PROGRESS has illuminated then is extinguished. The test is complete when either a LEVEL OKAY or ADD APU OIL is displayed. The test sequence usually takes 30 seconds or more to display the final result.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of your Falcon aircraft, contact your Duncan Aviation Falcon Tech Rep.