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Falcon: Beware of the shim on the F50/EX aircraft

October 2013

Honeywell BA-141 altitude indicators(click to enlarge)
Example of a warped shim on P/N F50B220130D1 removed due to incorrect installation.

On the Falcon 50B/EX aircraft there are two styles of static ports available for use: the original OEM unit, P/N 44320, and a newer modified port, P/N F50B220130D1.

P/N 44320

The original unit, P/N 44320, is a stand-alone piece that can be removed and reinstalled when necessary, such as when the aircraft is in for an overall paint or for an inspection of the fuselage.

P/N F50B220130D1

Due to improvements made to RVSM height monitoring, a .6 mm shim is bonded to the bottom of the static plate, which now becomes P/N F50B220130D1. This is the new P/N replacement if a new static port is needed due to impact damage or heating element malfunction. Mixing of the two different style ports is authorized.

With the addition of the shim, this style of static plate is more susceptible to damage. When removing, extra caution is needed as not to cause damage. Since the shim is not sold separately, any damage sustained during removal will result in the purchase of an entirely new unit. It is imperative to follow task card 34-11-05-900-801 for correct installation of this port, to ensure not only a leak proof seal but to ease future static port removal.