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Hawker 125: What's Lurking Under Your Steps?

January 2015

The Main Cabin Door on the Hawker 125 Series is well-designed and relatively problem-free. However, with normal use and foot traffic, it is exposed to some potentially corrosive elements.

During recent inspections at Duncan Aviation, we have seen several aircraft with corrosion underneath both the step tread material and the step treads themselves. In all cases, it required the door to be removed and disassembled for repairs.

This area doesn't receive regular scrutiny and normal maintenance doesn't give it the attention it deserves. Although an x-ray for the cabin door is required initially at 12 years then every eight years after, this interval is long enough to allow corrosion to develop.

Even though an area may look protected, keep in mind that the interior of the main cabin door is essentially exposed to nearly the same conditions as the exterior of the aircraft.