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Hawker 800XP: Thrust Reverser Ramp Skin Corrosion

January 2011

Duncan Aviation pneumatics technicians, who specialize in Nordam thrust reversers, have noticed a recurring problem with Hawker 800XP thrust reverser buckets. During recent C3 inspections extensive corrosion in the lower ramps skin on several reverser buckets have been discovered. The corrosion normally appears on the aft line of rivets, often, as merely a small area of discoloration, or chipping paint, around several of the ramp skin rivets. When dressed out, the corrosion will frequently exceed the manufacturer’s maximum corrosion allowed, as the remaining skin thickness will be less than the minimum permitted (.050”).

Avoiding Ramp Skin Corrosion

The best way to avoid the spread of this corrosion is to be vigilant. At first sign of corrosion, dress out, prime and paint the area. Additionally, wipe any moisture from the lower bucket ramp skin area after landing, and immediately install engine covers any time the plane is sitting in the elements.

We have included pictures of a ramp skin that was found to be corroded during a C3 inspection. Because of the depth of the corrosion the ramp skin had to be replaced.

Hawker 800 thrust reverser bucket skin corrosion

Lower ramps skin corrosion on a reverser bucket.

Hawker 800 thrust reverser bucket skin corrosion after sanding

Lower ramps skin corrosion after sanding.

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