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Hawker: Is Your Axle Loose?

October 2016

At Duncan Aviation, we routinely perform a significant number of B Inspections. Recently, we have seen an upward trend in detecting loose axles while performing the MLG (main landing gear) axle rotational check and the NLG (nose landing gear) torque link check, which are being caused by a loose modulator nut (MLG) and/or an axle retaining nut (NLG) which creates excess play between the axle and the plunger tube. 

We’ve discovered this same condition on some Hawkers that have reported landing gear vibration. A loose axle assembly can contribute to increased wear of torque links and bushings. When reinstalling the modulator nut or axle retaining nut, you must verify that the axle is completely bottomed and follow the proper torquing procedures located in the appropriate AMM/CMM.

This will ensure that the axle assembly is secure and completely engaged with the plunger tube.


Left: Nose landing gear; Right: Main landing gear