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Hawker Pitot System Leaks

August 2011

Recently, a Hawker 800XP being tested for the Stall Detector Functional test at Duncan Aviation exhibited an open #2 pitot system. Further investigation revealed a pitot line had been completely chafed through by the threads of the turnbuckle of elevator cable 6B. We’ve noted this condition on several other Hawker aircraft.

This pitot line (common to several Hawker models) is located under the co-pilot seat on the outboard side and can be inspected by the removal of panel F58. To eliminate further chafing, carefully reposition the new line (part number 25-7SF207-35A). This area should be given extra scrutiny during area inspections.

Duncan Aviation has Hawker Airframe Factory Authorizations at Lincoln, NE (LNK).

Hawker Pitot System Leaks