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Hawker Service Bulletin 28-88-3256A: Fuel Boost Pump Replacement

December 2009

If your Intertechnique Fuel Boost Pump is nearing overhaul, you may want to consider exchanging it for a new Airborne pump. An Airborne Fuel Boost Pump, P/N 2C40-2, is a direct, drop-in replacement by Hawker Service Bulletin 28-88-3256A and can be exchanged for any core pump, in any condition, found on any Hawker aircraft, including Intertechnique and Thompson.

There are many benefits to using the Airborne fuel pumps...longer life, better quality, more reliability, fewer maintenance events, less operational cost, and the initial price for a NEW Airborne exchange is sometimes no more than the cost of an overhaul of the current pump.

Why Airborne?

Other pumps come very close to the maximum amperage draw for which the aircraft circuitry and the pump are designed. This max amperage draw makes the pump run in a warm and sometimes hot condition, causing more rapid-brush wear, armature breakdown and early pump failure.

The Airborne pump reduces the amperage induced heating of the pump by using a dual commutator and running the current through two commutators. Because of the heat reduction, the pump has a much higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rate.

For questions about this service bulletin, contact your Accessory Tech Rep.