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Hawker: Technical Manual Deviation Approval

November 2013

ome Hawker and Beechcraft operators may not be aware there is a wealth of information in the Technical Publications area on the Beechcraft website regarding changes to part numbers, approved alternates and new procedures that have been approved but have not yet been incorporated into the affected manuals yet. These changes are communicated through Technical Manual Deviation Approvals (TMDAs).

Beechcraft uses TMDAs as an avenue to communicate to operators and service providers all approved changes to Illustrated Parts Catalogs, maintenance manuals, overhaul manuals, structural repair manuals, flexible maintenance schedules and wiring parts catalogs.

A regular review of the current TMDAs will be time well spent to avoid needless research.

Attention Hawker 125 Operators

One TMDA of particular interest to Hawker 125 operators, which has been incorporated into the maintenance manual, is a procedure for the cleaning of individual TKS panels that exhibit poor flow characteristics. Please note that this procedure is to be used in the servicing/cleaning of one TKS panel for each wing or tail section. Poor flow to multiple panels may indicate other problems.