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How To Figure Jet Fuel Weight to Gallons (In your head)

January 2019

Here are three easy steps to convert jet fuel from pounds to gallons in your head.

  1. Take the total weight of the fuel and drop the last zero.
  2. Divide that number in half.
  3. Add those two numbers together! That’s it.

For example: How many US gallons are in 8,000 lbs. of jet fuel?

  1. 8,000. Drop the last zero=800
  2. Divide in half=400
  3. 800+400=1,200. Add together for total.

And there’s your answer! 1,200 gallons is equal to 8,000 lbs.

Keep in mind, this is not exact and the current day’s fuel temperature is not taken into account. But this does give you a quick reference on approximately how much you need.

Try it yourself….How many gallons in 6,000 lbs. of jet fuel?