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Learjet 60: Proprietary Brushes Make the Starter Generator More Reliable

June 2013

Safran Power UK & Safran Power USA has developed a more reliable replacement starter generator that replaces P/N 400SG138Q. This new starter generator, P/N 23091-009, is specifically designed for the Learjet 60 aircraft and is fitted with proprietary brushes that are non-impregnated and have a slanted core type design. This design is a much-improved over the straight core brushes that have been used for many years.

Some of the technical advances of the Safran Power UK & Safran Power USA slanted core brush, P/N 23080-1983, are:

The Base Carbon

The base carbon - the mechanical properties of the base carbon in the slanted core brushes have been enhanced slightly through minor changes in the processing without affecting its commutating properties. This provides an improvement in brush life at full rated load over a broader speed range.  However, because the basic materials of the brush have not changed, the basic characteristics of the brush such as RFI and voltage drop have also not changed.

Slanted Core Design

The Patented slanted core design of the brush helps reduce the commutator wear and prevents 'grooving,' which in turn maximizes commutator life.


A non-impregnated brush has a lower brush drop resulting in a lower brush temperature and a lower minimum speed for regulation for the starter generator.

Safran Power UK & Safran Power USA has an excellent track record regarding reliability and maintenance resulting in reduced maintenance, aircraft downtime and operating costs. Duncan Aviation is the exclusive distributor and repair station of the Safran Power UK & Safran Power USA Starter Generator worldwide. For more information, please call 800.228.1836, international +1 402.475.4125.