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Learjet: Avoid Schedule Delays With Scanned Customized Wiring Prints

June 2011

Ever given much thought to your avionics /customized wiring prints? Probably not, unless something is broken or during an upgrade of some sort. Take a few moments and consider a couple of scenarios.

  • Your aircraft is on a trip and you are enjoying a nice BBQ dinner in the backyard with the family. Your cell phone rings. The aircraft just had a maintenance issue in a small FBO located in No Where, USA. You call your trusted maintenance provider of choice (Duncan Aviation, of course), who immediately dispatches a technician to the aircraft’s location. The technician arrives and goes right to work ringing out wiring and discovers some suspected anomalies. The wiring is repaired, but now your FMS has issues.

    The technician calls you back. Turns out the EGPWS is tied into the system and now you have to go back to the hangar to get the Avionics/ Customized Wiring Manual and attempt to e-mail the prints. The file is huge and it continues to crash your e-mail client. So you try faxing the prints, but the technician can’t read them. Your only remaining option is to ship them overnight, wasting an entire day.

  • Your aircraft is in for a 12-year and paint (at Duncan Aviation again!). Because the aircraft is down for six weeks, the pilots are on vacation. Things are going well while you are on-site overseeing the maintenance. The technicians run into a problem and need your Avionics/ Customized Wiring Manual.

    No problem, you call back to home base, but no one answers. The pilots are on vacation and the administrative assistant has left for the holiday weekend. Things always happen on a holiday, right? Now what are you going to do?

This or something similar has already happened to you, hasn’t it? There is a simple solution. Have your Avionics/ Customized Wiring Manual scanned! About any copy store or print shop can do this for at a very reasonable cost. You can always get another copy from Learjet with how the aircraft was equipped when it was delivered new. Either way, don’t forget to include any STC, ICAs and other pertinent data that you have on file.

Have several copies on hand and in a format that others can use (printed, CD or memory stick). Make sure a copy always travels with the aircraft, especially if it is headed in for maintenance.

You would be surprised at how many schedule days are lost in a shop such as ours just spent waiting on prints.

Help us to help you.