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Managed Program Requirement for GIV / V Water Line Ribbon Heater ASC 469

March 2012

Gulfstream GIV / V water line ribbon heaterGulfstream has implemented a Managed Program to complete GIV water line ribbon heater upgrades for Gulfstream IV owners who have not yet complied with the Aircraft Service Change (ASC). It has come to our attention during a recent G400 visit that some Gulfstream operators may not be aware of the program requirement. Please be aware that Gulfstream will not release heater tapes to operators who are not enrolled in this program. The upgrade requires compliance by Sept 2012.

In early 2011, achieving this upgrade presented a challenge. Ribbon heater parts simply weren’t available to achieve the required upgrade and sparse scheduling opportunities made it difficult for operators to save downtime by combining it with scheduled maintenance events. With the deadline pushed back through the end of September 2012, operators are more able to choose their downtimes of choice and even reduce costs… if they schedule soon.