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Modifying or Altering The Interior Of Your Aircraft? Missing Documentation Could Cost You

June 2019

For everything that has ever happened during the life of your business aircraft, there has to be a story documenting it. Without it, you cannot validate what has been done. And if you can’t validate it with documentation, it is as if it never happened.

When it comes to modifying or altering the interior of your aircraft, missing documentation significantly slows down the progress of your project and could require the re-creation of lost documentation through aircraft surveys, engineering investigations, component research, and structural analysis, among other activities. All of which could considerably increase the cost to you. 

Here is a list of aircraft documentation you need to have available to support any interior alteration requests:

  1. Floorplan—drawings, photographs, loading chart
  2. Emergency equipment drawing
  3. Placards—drawings, photographs, IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog) chapter 11
  4. Passenger seats—equipment list, photographs of TSO tags, and Fireblock Report.
  5. Crew seats—equipment list and photographs of TSO tags.
  6. COTS (commercial off the shelf) equipment—coffee makers, microwaves, cooling or warming units, non-aviation-grade entertainment equipment paperwork.
  7. Logbooks (history of modifications) documentation, design data, and paperwork
  8. Wiring diagrams and current electrical load analysis.
  9. Previous modifications/installations records
  10. Burn Certification data
  11. AFMS—airplane flight manual supplements
  12. All Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)


When it comes to purchasing a business aircraft, pay close attention to the aircraft’s documents. The more of the above documentation you can secure from the previous owner, the greater the potential saving you could see down the road.

*Some seat vendors require recertification when other foams or materials are installed. There may be significant lead time necessary to secure vendor foam and covers