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New Duncan Aviation Test Set Helps Reduce AP Function Test Times

September 2016

At Duncan Aviation, we have been overhauling and repairing aircraft autopilots for years. With capabilities on several models, we see an average of 2,400 units every year.

The manual repair check on the Collins AP-106/107 systems used to take on average about seven hours to complete. With help from the Duncan Aviation Research & Development team, we designed and built a new test set that automates the testing process, reducing anticipated function test times.  

The test set not only reduces the turntime, but increases our ability to troubleshoot squawks by maintaining accurate testing records. As we build history we can use the same data on other units to determine what parts to repair or replace.

This test set is also capable of testing Honeywell FZ500 Flight Director and SP200 autopilot systems.

Over time, we anticipate adding other system capabilities.