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New Hawker Storage Requirement

November 2011

Operators of Hawker 750, 800XPC, 850XP and 900XP aircraft may be unaware of new storage requirements introduced in some of the latest revisions to the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM). These revisions include "Flight Ready" storage requirements.

The new requirements include a general preparation section and specific requirements for two-week, four-week and six-month intervals. Please note that these are airframe requirements and must still be supplemented by the engine and APU OEM requirements for storage. Please also note that for continued warranty consideration, airframe and engine log book entries need to be completed.

This "Flight Ready" storage does not alter any inspection requirements or life limits contained in the Aircraft Flexible Maintenance Schedule (AFMS) or contained in the Airworthiness Limitation Document. These new requirements can be found in the AMM 10-10-00.