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NextGen FAQs: There Is So Much More To Know

March 2022


Most people in aviation have heard about the FAA’s vision for the future of national airspace management and control called NextGen (Next Generation Air Transportation System).

In this two-part Duncan Intelligence series about NextGen, we will share the most frequently asked questions, and provide information about the systems of NextGen and their European counterparts.

Series Schedule
March: NextGen FAQs
April: NextGen Systems/International Implementation

There is so much to understand on the topic, that Duncan Aviation updated their Straight Talk Book about Airspace Modernization. It gives an overview of NextGen, providing simple explanations. It can be downloaded here: www.DuncanAviation.aero/resources/straight-talk/airspace-modernization#


Will I receive preferential treatment if I adopt all or some NextGen initiatives?

Yes. ATC intends to provide best-equipped, best-served priority in the national air space to owners/operators who adopt the initiatives consistent with safe and efficient operations.

Does Europe have a similar “umbrella” traffic management plan?

Yes. Europe is implementing the SES (Single European Sky) initiative. The SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic
Management Research) technical planning group consists of members from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), the EU (European Commission), and Eurocontrol.

Do the NextGen and SES plans have the same subcomponent parts?

NextGen and SES are not identical due to air traffic differences between Europe and the US. Restricted airspace over the individual sovereign countries has created high concentrations of air traffic indirect routing within established FABs (Functional Airspace Blocks). A significant part of the SES initiative is to reduce and enlarge the FABs to create more direct routing and reduce congestion. Another unique SES component is the adoption of TCAS 7.1, which was prompted by mishaps in European airspace that have highlighted the need for more advanced traffic avoidance equipment. Other NextGen/SES initiatives, however, are similar in that they are built around performance-based navigation.

How will NextGen components be implemented without disrupting air traffic management services?

NextGen capabilities will come online gradually, and a cautious approach will be exercised to avoid disruptions in air traffic control.

What are the chief benefits of NextGen?

The advantages of NextGen are:

  • Increased safety. Advanced systems both in the aircraft and in the control tower
  • Reduced emissions. Moving aircraft to their destinations sooner and more efficiently
  • Reduced delays. Improvements in aircraft systems and traffic management
  • Reduced airport congestion. Improvements in ground tracking and traffic management
  • Reduced fuel use. Moving aircraft to their destinations sooner and more efficiently

Which, if any, NextGen initiatives will be mandated?

At the time of this publication, ADS-B Out was mandated by the FAA by Jan 1, 2020 and by EASA by June 8, 2020. In addition, FANS-1A is mandated for the entire NAS airspace as of 2020. Contact a Duncan Aviation expert for the most up-to-date mandate information regarding NextGen: www.DuncanAviation.aero/services/avionics-installation/contacts

What can I do now to incorporate NextGen components in my aircraft?

Duncan Aviation holds and has access to dozens of STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) to upgrade your aircraft so it’s in compliance with the NextGen requirements. FANS 1/A installations and TCAS 7.1 are available via an STC.

A comprehensive matrix is available on the Duncan Aviation NextGen website showing ADS-B compliance:

Most part 23 and Part 25 aircraft will be covered under this matrix. If you would like more information and a quote, please have your equipment list or Chapter 34 of your maintenance records available as this will be necessary to give you an accurate quote.

NextGen Systems

In the April issue of the Duncan Intelligence, we’ll discuss the NextGen Systems from the US and their counterparts from Europe.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Installation Sales Reps: www.DuncanAviation.aero/services/avionics-installation/contacts