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On-site Aircraft Readiness Services Are Available

July 2020


Your aircraft is designed to fly, not sit. The longer it sits idle, the more likely issues will develop, and more will be required to return it to service. We advise you to preflight and conduct engine runs a couple of days before your first scheduled flight to allow enough time to address each squawk.

We’ve experienced an increased demand for assistance in getting aircraft in flight-ready condition. All of our RRT teams remain mobile and available to travel to your location providing airframe, avionics, and engine services in your hangar. While there, we will follow all of your communicated safety and social distancing policies. 

If you need us to come along side of you and become an extension of your flight department maintenance team, we are available.

Available On-Site Services


  • Airframe inspections
  • Airframe maintenance tasks and discrepancies
  • Detailed aircraft preflight/post flight walk around for 91 & 135 operators

Tyler L. Spurling
Assistant Production Manager - MRO RRT
Mobile: +1 402.984.5387
Email: Tyler.Spurling@DuncanAviation.com


  • Avionics system operational checks and repairs
  • 411 / 91.413 / RVSM inspections
  • Sanitize aircraft

Michael Kussatz
Regional Avionics Sales Manager
Mobile: +1 531.207.3951
Email: Michael.Kussatz@DuncanAviation.com


  • Engine run ops and leak checks
  • CW with engine inspections 
  • Assist on time change items

Andew Arcuri
Assistant Manager Engine RRT
Mobile: +1 302.332.8391