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Planning Is Important Now More Than Ever

August 2020

We are living in unusual times with the entire world dealing with the current pandemic. Throughout all of this unknown, Duncan Aviation has remained open and continues to serve our customers. However, others may be dealing with unique challenges of their own that can cause disruptions.

These interruptions up and down the supply chain have created difficulty in sourcing many parts and materials. These shortages are driving lead times out even further for all areas of aircraft maintenance, including landing gear, interior materials, aircraft and avionics parts, and components services.

For example, if you are considering an interior refurbishment or reconfiguration, the lead times for carpet alone, depending on the type of carpet selected and where it is coming from, can be as long as 20 weeks. The lead time for new aircraft seats can be as long as 120 days. These are worst-case scenarios and, while there are many other options that have significantly shorter lead times, choices become more limited.

Now more than ever, planning is the key to shorter downtimes, accurate schedules, and overall a better event.

Plan ahead to stay ahead. Call your Duncan Aviation sales team now to discuss your aircraft service needs.

At Duncan Aviation, our full staff continues to work multiple shifts at all of our facilities, including our three full-service MRO locations, all of our avionics satellite locations, and all of our engine Rapid Response Team launch locations. 


SUGLA Phil Suglia Manager, Service Sales Battle Creek, MI (BTL) +1 269.969.8458