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Pratt & Whitney Canada Service Information Letter Update

August 2017

SIL GEN-122: Recovery Fee for Maintenance Deviation Letters

This Service Information Letter (SIL), originally issued in 2012, is now in its fourth revision and has increased its fee to $6,238 USD per engine. Maintenance Deviation Letters are issued to operators who seek temporary variances to engine maintenance guidelines as set out in the P&WC’s engine Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICAs).

SIL GEN-143: P&WC Oil Analysis Technology Trial Program

This SIL outlines a new trial program for oil analysis. The program will help with early and accurate detection of deteriorating oil-wetted components. There will be kits provided that include containers and shipping envelopes to mail the samples. When the lab receives your sample, a new replacement kit will be shipped back to you. The kits, analysis, and shipping are free. To participate, register at P&WC’s website at https://www.pwc.ca/en/service-support/oil-analysis-technology-trial. Refer to the latest revision of SIL GEN-143 for further details.

A Special Instruction for each engine model, available through Pratt & Whitney Canada’s CFirst, will help get you started.

Note that SIL PW300-170 will be cancelled and superseded by SIL GEN-143.