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Pratt & Whitney Service Bulletin Update

October 2013

For the Pratt & Whitney (PW) 500 engine models, there are a number of Service Bulletins (SBs) that have become hot items. These can be accomplished at access for cause but they will be addressed at either a Hot Section Inspection or overhaul, whichever occurs first. ESP and Cessna’s Power Advantage customers will be required to accomplish Category 1 through 6 SBs during these events. However, do inquire with your ESP representative prior to performing these bulletins.

PW535A Fuel Manifold(click to enlarge) PW535A fuel manifold

SB PW500-72-30405—Replacement of Fuel Nozzle Manifold

This SB is the replacement of the fuel nozzle manifold for all the PW500 models except for the PW535E, replacing the conventional rubberized/flexible fuel manifold with a rigid fuel tube and shroud assembly. In the event of a fuel leak, the fuel is drained overboard through the manifold shroud and the engine drain system.

In addition to this SB, there are two additional Pratt & Whitney SBs (PW500-72-30428 and PW500-72-30465) and one airframe SB that needs to be accomplished at the same time. The required airframe SB will depend on the engine model.

Engine Model Required Airframe Service Bulletin
PW545A/B/C 560XL-71-11
PW535A/B 560-71-09
PW530A 550-71-07

For non-ESP operators, CSPN 1006443 and 1005989 provide 75% towards the cost of the parts to comply with this SB.

SB PW500-72-30413—Introduction of Deep Sump

Service Bulletin PW500-72-30413 introduces a deeper sump to the bottom of the existing gearbox to the PW545A/B/C engines. Incorporation of this SB prevents the oil level in the gearbox from rising during operation causing both an oil foaming condition and the breather becoming saturated, which will restrict proper ventilation of the oil system. This SB requires the rear gearbox cover to be removed for parts replacement. Post runs will include additional SBs, PW500-72-30440 and PW500-72-30452, to verify proper Main Oil Pressure setting and for the proper orifice size for the Oil Tank Vent.
Service Bulletin PW500-72-30452 is a Category 3 bulletin while the others are Category 6.

SB PW500-72-30294—Inspection of the Oil Tank Filler Cap

For the PW535A and the PW545A/B engines, Service Bulletin PW500-72 inspects the self-locking nut on the cap for looseness. There are actually two parts to this category 3 SB; part A, a finger check of the torque on the nut within 300 hours of new or part B, a torque check within 500 hours or at the first time the engine is at a maintenance base where this check can be performed.

SB PW500-72-30443—Inspection of the Fuel Manifold

Finally, for the PW530A, PW535A and PW545A model engines, SB PW500-72-30443 inspects specific part number and serial number fuel manifold assemblies. Pratt & Whitney is investigating a sample of parts from the same manufacturing batch for a thin wall condition of the flexible tubing. This category 3 SB requires the inspection of the part number and serial number of the manifold within 150 hours and an additional 150 to replace the manifold if applicable. The inspection is minimally invasive and can be done with a borescope.
If you have any questions about these service bulletins please call me.