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Proper Alignment of the SP-101 Spoileron Computer

August 2017

The 40+ years Duncan Aviation has been working with the Bombardier Learjet 35A* system has taught us a lot about how we are able to educate our customers about their units. This includes helping them to identify when a unit needs to be sent in for repair and when it doesn’t.

The SP-101 Spoileron Computer is one of those units. Many times when an SP-101 comes into Duncan Aviation with the following squawks, it is because the unit is not aligned properly.

  1. “Aug Ail” lamp stays on (Typically a bad power supply in the computer)
  2. Not enough spoiler travel in augmentation mode
  3. Spoilers intermittently slam down in augmentation mode
  4. Spoilers move to quick/slow in flight
  5. Ground test will not pass
  6. “Aug Ail” warning light intermittently comes on with flaps down >25 degrees

Properly aligning the SP-101 by following the procedure in the Learjet 35 Maintenance Manual will resolve these symptoms and help our customers keep their downtime to a minimum. A copy of the procedure is provided in the document below.

If you have questions or continue to have problems with your SP-101, don’t hesitate to contact us.

SP-101 thumb for DI

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