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Proper Hawker Maxaret Removal

July 2011

The Hawker 125 series aircraft utilizes an axle-mounted Maxaret to control skid conditions. The Maxaret is installed in the axle and is driven by a small splined shaft in the hubcap. These units are required overhaul items and need to be removed at the necessary intervals. To avoid potential bill backs or high overhaul costs, it is recommended that the proper tooling and procedure for removal be followed.

The Maxarets are held in place with a retaining nut in the axle. Dirt, debris and rust can also collect in this area creating a tight seal and snug fit. It is tempting to grab a hold of the shaft of the Maxaret with a pair of pliers to yank it free, but doing so will cause damage to the shaft of the Maxaret. See photos 1 and 2.  

To prevent unnecessary damage, loosen the nameplate bolts and use the special extraction tool engaged under the heads of the bolts. See photo 3. Using this procedure only takes a few extra minutes, but will prevent any damage to the shaft of the Maxaret, avoiding added expense.

Hawker Maxaret removal Hawker Maxaret removal Hawker Maxaret removal


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