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Radar Unit Chamber Testing Advantages

December 2011

When a magnetron has been replaced in a radar unit, the only way to be certain the radar is fully operational at all altitudes and in all environments is to have it thoroughly tested in those environments. An environmental/altitude chamber provides this level of testing by reproducing such conditions prior to being returned-to-service.

When a radar unit is in for repair, having it tested in an E/A chamber is an important step that can assist in duplicating ‘no fault founds’ and increase the chances of our technicians finding intermittent squawks that bug the operator during flight.

Duncan Aviation recently purchased a new environmental/altitude chamber and can fully comply with such testing without having to return the unit to the factory, saving both time and money during the repair process. With this chamber, Duncan Aviation can test a vast range of radar units, including the recently added Honeywell WU-440s, WU-660s and WU-880s.

Also remember, the winter season is a great time to get your radar unit tested and ready to go prior to spring, when thunderstorms are more prevalent and radar is used most. Take advantage of Duncan Aviation’s Winter Radar Promotion.

If you have questions about your radar's operation or how environmental testing will help your radar's reliability, contactDuncan Aviation avionics tech reps.