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Service Bulletin Support For Honeywell Symbol Generators

July 2021

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Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Component Repair & Overhaul shop has full capabilities to perform all SB (Service Bulletin) services on the following Honeywell Symbol Generator model numbers*:

  • MG-605, MG-820
  • SG-600, -700, -800
  • SG-603, -803
  • SG-611, -811
  • SG-806
  • SG-820
  • SG-605, -705, -805
  • SG-815, -816, -817, -818

The symbol generators receive heading, attitude, and short- and long-range navigation sensor and weather radar inputs. They also receive mode logic inputs from the flight guidance computer. All inputs are processed and transmitted to the electronic displays.

We encourage you to stay up-to-date on the available SBs as symbol generator upgrades and improvements become available. A lot of effort is put into keeping commonly replaced parts on hand, however extended lead times may occur if parts need to be ordered.

Duncan Aviation’s avionics shop has five test sets available to function test and evaluate each unit to determine all SBs requirements to upgrade to new dash numbers.

Call +1 402.475.2611 or 800.562.6377 to schedule your unit in for service.

*Please call a Duncan Aviation Customer Account Rep for verification if you do not see your model number of the list.


Symbol Generator on a test set.