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Take Advantage of Large Inspections to incorporate Low Temp Ground Wing Anti Ice System

November 2015

Now is the time to consider which inspections are due in 2016 and plan your budget accordingly. If your inspection calendar includes a large inspection that requires the interior being removed, I recommend incorporating the Low Temperature Ground Wing Anti-Ice System (Service Bulletins 604-30-004 / 605-30-001 and 601-027). Having it included during a major inspection will save you several hundred labor hours and manage down time.

Low Temperature Ground Wing Anti-Ice System

Low Temperature Ground Wing Anti-Ice System is designed to remove and prevent accumulation of ice/frost contamination on the leading edges only, while the aircraft is on the ground prior to take off. The system is designed to ensure that the temperature on the leading edge is above freezing and below the maximum allowable for anti-icing fluid application during ground operation. There is no added protection for the wing surfaces. The system will not provide 100% protection over the complete range of winter conditions (i.e. snow, slush, etc…), therefore crews must adhere to the normal winter operation procedures and AFM limitations.

The upcoming SBs will be applicable to all Challenger* 601/604/605/850 aircraft. Implementation strategy for Challenger 600* aircraft operators is under discussion with Transport Canada at this time.

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.