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TFE731 AD 2005-05-15 Approaching Deadline

January 2011

December 31, 2011, is the deadline for AD 2005-05-15 for operators of TFE731-3, -3A, -3AR, -3R -3B, and -3BR engines installed on the following aircraft:

  • Learjet 55
  • Hawker 400, 600,700
  • Westwind I and II (IAI 1124)
  • Falcon 50
  • Jetstar
  • Astra
  • Citation III/VI
  • Sabreliner

This AD does not apply to engines that have had the 3C or 3D upgrades.

Engines that are still running a LPT1 disc part, numbers 3072070-All, 3072351-All, 3073013-All, 3073113-All, 3073497-All and 3074103-All, require replacement prior to 2012.

AD 2005-05-15 requires compliance by 2012. Honeywell does have a pricing program for the replacement of the disc and the LPT1 blades, if applicable. Call for details.


Shawn Schmitz
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