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TFE731: New Oil Tank Instruction Plate

December 2010

Honeywell has issued two Category II Reliability Service Bulletins (SB) TFE731-79-3070 R1 and TFE731-79-5120 for the installation of new instruction plate decals on oil tanks to help prevent oil over-servicing.

SB 731-79-3070 R1 is applicable to 731-3/-4/-5/-5B engines
SB 731-79-5120 is applicable to 731-50 engines

TFE731 instruction plate decal

Attention Falcon Operators

At this time, these SBs are not applicable to Falcon aircraft, except the Falcon 50-4.

Honeywell Compliance Recommendations

Service BulletinComplied withRelevant Engines
SB 79-3070 R1 next 600-800 hour routine periodic inspection 731-3 engines
  next 300-400 hour routine periodic inspection 731-4/-5/-5B engines
SB 79-5120 next scheduled routine periodic inspection 731-50 engines

These Service Bulletins are covered by MSP.


Compliance with the SBs will change the part number (PN) of the oil tanks. All oil tanks must be re-identified with the new PN using an electrochemical etch process to a depth of .001”.

Do Not Use VIBROPEEN to re-identify the oil tanks. This will cause the oil tank to be scrapped and not covered by MSP.


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