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Three Common Squawks On The Collins Aerospace EFD-85/ 86

March 2019

EFD 2-1The Collins Aerospace EFD-85/ 86 is a panel mounted CRT display. The EFD (Electronic Flight Display) can be used as an electronic attitude indicator that provides pitch and roll attitude, as well as steering commands, vertical deviation (glideslope), localizer deviation, autopilot mode annunciation, radio altitude, decision height, marker beacon annunciation, and fast-slow deviation.

The EFD can also function as an HSI (horizontal situation indicator) displaying true/magnetic heading, selected heading, selected course, navigation data source annunciation, lateral deviation, to/from, distance to station waypoints, ground speed, time to go, elapsed timed, bearing pointer, and vertical deviation.

The three most common squawks reported on these units are:

  1. EFD Unit Ceases Operation—This is a good indication the power supply capacitors and components have weakened and failed, requiring replacement.
  2. EFD Screen Blanks—The EFD screen will blank out when the high voltage circuitry has failed due to age and use, requiring repair and replacement parts.
  3. EFD Screen Alignment—If the screen has become misaligned many issues can occur. From focus to scrambled data being displayed. We can align these units back to factory specifications.

Duncan Aviation Avionics & Instrument Repair shop has full repair and overhaul capabilities on the Collins Aerospace EFD-85/86. Depending on parts availability, customers can expect a two week turnaround with a full one-year labor warranty.

On all aging tube style flight displays such as the EFD-85/ 86 there comes that time when a power supply or high voltage component gets worn or fails. Our team will have you up and running as soon as possible with our AOG support.