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Top Three Questions Asked About the NextGen Mandate and ADS-B

January 2015

I hosted several free, day-long NextGen seminars in 2014 and because interest in information and equipment is increasing as we draw closer to the 2020 deadline for the NextGen mandates, I will continue to host these seminars in 2015.

We've been talking about the mandates and how they have affected all of us for several years now. The discussion is shifting from the theoretical to the practical. Instead of hearing questions like, 'What is ADS-B?' and 'What is FANS 1A,' now I'm being asked, 'What equipment do I need to outfit or retrofit my aircraft so it complies with the mandates stipulated in the rapidly approaching 2020 deadline?'

Here are the three most-asked questions with their answers. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me to find out if I will be in your area hosting a free NextGen Seminar.

Will the FAA ADS-B mandate be extended?

Probably not. The FAA has outlined their NextGen initiative and it includes ADS-B technology. Customers in the Far East, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore all thought the same thing when the deadline to their mandate was December 12, 2013. It was not extended. The FAA has given our industry 10 years to comply. January 1, 2020, is the deadline.

How much does ADS-B cost?

This varies depending on if your aircraft has been updated with transponders and what transponders are installed. Transponders have gone through the following evolution:

  1. Mode A
  2. Mode C
  3. Mode S
  4. Flite ID
  5. Enhanced surveillance
  6. ADS-B
    1. DO-260
    2. DO-260A

The price is dependent on where your aircraft is along the transponders evolution. The least expensive upgrade for the transponders will be from the DO-260A level and the most expensive from the Mode A level.

Do I need ADS-B In?

No. There is no mandate for ADS-B In.

Visit our ADS-B page for more information on why you need ADS-B NOW.